Kabuto releases a bigger model of its good suitcase – .

Kabuto, the French startup that designs and sells smart suitcases, is launching a new suitcase today. Called Kabuto Trunk, this is the company’s largest suitcase to date. Unlike other brands of smart cases, this isn’t just a case with a battery in it.

In particular, there is a fingerprint reader at the top of the case. You can save up to 10 different fingerprints. After that, it works almost like a fingerprint reader on a smartphone – you put your finger on the reader and it unlocks your case.

In this case, it unlocks the zippers. If someone else is using your case or the battery is empty, you can also open the case with a conventional key.

The Kabuto Trunk has a hard shell design with a capacity of 95 liters. It has metal-bearing wheels and real tires. Users can choose between two batteries – a 10,000 mAh battery and a larger 20,000 mAh battery. Basically, you have to choose between weight and battery capacity, as larger batteries tend to be heavier.

Customers can also buy a backpack that is magnetically attached to the suitcase. This backpack was developed for travel, is expandable and can double its thickness from 9 liters to 18 liters.

Photo credits: Kabuto

The suitcase is currently $ 629 and the backpack is $ 299 – the company plans to raise prices once the Kickstarter campaign is over.

As always with Kabuto products, this is not for everyone. They are usually more expensive than what you would normally pay for a suitcase. But some people like to specifically package things so that important things remain available. The startup previously raised $ 1 million (€ 900,000) from Frédéric Mazzella, Michel & Augustin, Bpifrance, Fabien Pierlot and others.

Photo credits: Kabuto

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