Nobi’s good lamp alerts caregivers when a fall is detected – .

As expected, this year’s (virtual) CES brought a new flood of smart home devices with it. The technology has had a strong presence in recent CES events, and with a world at home for the foreseeable future, much of this technology has just gotten all the more attractive.

Nobi stands out from the crowd, not so much with flashy features, but with a kind of practicality that it brings to the table. The Smart Light on the ceiling, designed by a Belgian startup of the same name, has motion sensors and infrared detection.

When the user sits up, the top light comes on. When they get up to leave, it lights the floor. What is more interesting is that it can detect irregular movements in the user as well as falls. If the user does the latter, the on-board loudspeaker asks: “Did you fall?”

If the answer is no, nothing happens. If the answer is otherwise, a notification will be sent to a caregiver, which may include a photo depending on the specific settings. The lamp is currently in a test phase and will be offered for sale at the end of the year. Users can buy them directly or rent them along with a subscription.

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