Ring provides a Wi-Fi intercom add-on to its lineup – .

Amazon today announced the addition of Ring Intercom to its list of smartphone deals. The product is designed as a supplement to existing apartment intercom systems. The company created a quick online questionnaire to determine if your existing system would work with the new product.

It’s a rare addition aimed specifically at apartment dwellers for a line traditionally aimed at homeowners. The company describes how it works as follows:

Ring Intercom leverages the existing compatible intercom system to initiate encrypted two-way conversations through the Ring app, meaning users can only answer calls from someone who rings their front door. The Ring app makes it easy to customize specific privacy and security settings, with the ability to manage shared users and enable and revoke access at any time.

The Wi-Fi powered system fills a number of roles, offering Remote Unlock for trusted users and the ability to create a list of “common users” who can enter the building via the app.

The “Auto-verified guests” feature will not be available at launch, but when it arrives it will be possible to assign “keys” to authorized visitors, which can be revoked at any time. It’s easy to see that this is a huge hit for Airbnb rentals. It’s also compatible with Amazon delivery services, of course, allowing users to let drivers in automatically.

It’s a clever addition to the line – and something I’m dying to try as an apartment dweller (seems like my buzzer is broken about half the time). While I have some concerns with Ring products, it’s probably best to get permission from the building owner before using any of them with their system.

Ring Intercom arrives in the UK on October 26 for £180 ($209). It’ll arrive in the US next year – so I probably should have written “flat” the whole time. It comes with a battery charging station and a spare battery.

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