Wall Avenue Journal Opinion Editor Defends Merchandise on Dr. Jill Biden

As with other newspapers, including The Times and The Washington Post, the journal’s news sections and opinion pages are maintained separately, each monitored by a top editor who reports to the newspaper’s editor.

At least three times this year members of the journal’s newsroom have sent letters criticizing the journal’s columns.

In July, nearly 300 news workers sent a letter to the journal’s editor, Almar Latour, stating a “lack of fact-checking and transparency” on the opinion counter. The letter referred to several articles, including Vice President Mike Pence’s June 16 essay entitled “There is no coronavirus, second wave”. In response, the journal published an unsigned editorial complaining about the “progressive abandonment culture”. it was said that the letter was typical.

In June, the union’s board of directors, which represents the Journal’s staff, sent a letter to Mr Latour and Matt Murray – the Journal’s editor-in-chief who oversaw the news section – asking Gerard A. Baker, the former editor-in-chief and now an editor in general , be placed in the opinion area and criticize an article by him and several of his Twitter posts. He was reassigned the day after the letter was posted, despite a spokeswoman for the Journal saying a move was in the works.

In February, the headline of an article by columnist Walter Russell Mead criticizing China’s response to the coronavirus prompted more than 50 news workers, many of whom were based in China, to sign a letter to the Dow Jones chief executive and Mr. Murdoch’s chief executive News Corp. asks to withdraw. The headline calling China the “Real Sick Man of Asia” was “derogatory,” the letter reads. The headline was not withdrawn and the Chinese government soon expelled three journal reporters in what it termed retaliation.

In response on Sunday, Mr. Gigot promised not to be impressed by the reaction to the article. “If you disagree with Mr. Epstein, fair enough. Write a letter or shout your objections on Twitter, ”he wrote. “But these sites won’t stop posting provocative essays just because they insult the new government or political censorship in the media and academia.”

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