Foxconn may transfer some iPad and MacBook manufacturing to Vietnam – .

At Apple’s request, According to a report by Reuters, Foxconn could move production of some iPad and MacBook models from China. The new assembly lines would be stationed in Vietnam.

A recent study by The Information found that the two companies are closely related. The Taiwanese manufacturer is Apple’s main manufacturing partner. Apple is also Foxconn’s main customer. When it comes to raw numbers, Foxconn makes up 60% to 70% of iPhones, Apple’s flagship product.

In the past few years, Apple has tried to diversify its supply chain in two ways. First, Apple is trying to partner with other manufacturing companies like Luxshare Precision Industry and Wistron.

Second, Apple tries to manufacture its products in different countries. New tariffs and import restrictions have made this problem more pressing.

According to Reuters, Apple has asked Foxconn to move some iPad and MacBook assemblies to Vietnam. The assembly line should be up and running sometime in the first half of 2021.

In addition to Vietnam, Foxconn also produces iPhone 11 devices at a facility near Chennai, India. Wistron also assembles iPhone models in India. Foxconn has also made some iPhone models in Brazil.

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