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If you spend a lot of time at home this holiday season, you can spend at least some of that time in the kitchen preparing delicious meals. There are lots of smart kitchen gadgets out there, but it seems like the best of them really offer great experiences for smarter, better, and more connected cooking options.

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The all-in-one restaurant replacement

Thermomix TM6

Credit: Thermomix

The Thermomix has been around for a while, but the new TM6 goes one step further to be a one-stop countertop. This new version is packed with smart features, including built-in Wi-Fi, and the built-in touchscreen tablet controls make it easy not only to follow recipe instructions, but also to find and save new recipes with Cookidoo, the software companion service on the hardware from Thermomix.

With the ability to mix, blend, chop, fry, steam, slow cook, sous vide and much more, the Thermomix can really do just about any task associated with cooking. Yes, it comes at a high price, but when you look at the various kitchen gadgets it replaces – and the added perks it includes, such as the built-in guided recipe service – it becomes clear that the asking price is indeed a steal.

Price: $ 1,499 from Thermomix

The faithful timekeeper


Credit: FLESH

If you think you don’t have a knack for properly cooking meat, all you may be missing is a vital tool – a good meat thermometer. The MEATER Plus is that and more, with connected functions that give you real-time temperature monitoring via a mobile app, as well as complete instructions on the correct, safe temperatures for cooking all types of meat and impressive charts and graphs of both the device’s ambient temperature, with which you cook, in addition to the internal temperature.

The plus version of MEATER extends the Bluetooth range via the connected base and offers you enough range to monitor an outdoor cook in your entire house, for example. The completely wireless design and magnet base are a nice touch for storage and convenience, and you can easily hook up other MEATHERS when you cook a variety of things at the same time.

Price: $ 99 from MEATER

The smoking star

Weber SmokeFire EX6

Credit: Weber

I used to love barbecuing, but that was before I discovered the joys of a smoker. The Weber SmokeFire EX6 is one of two pellet smoking grills developed by the legendary outdoor grill company. The larger version offers enough grill area to feed a large family or a small sports team.

The SmokeFire EX6 has had some growing issues since its launch earlier this year, but consistent and frequent firmware updates wirelessly sent to its Wi-Fi connected controller have made it a top performer. You can use built-in cooking programs along with up to four hard-wired temperature probes to perfectly prepare everything you do. Low and slow or high and hot, the EX6 does it all.

Price: $ 1,199 from Amazon

The grill

Spark One

Credit: Spark grills

While there are many benefits to being a smoker, especially when cooking at lower temperatures, it is difficult to beat a charcoal grill for everyday use, especially with foods like hamburgers, fish and steaks, and roasted vegetables. The Spark One is a smart grill that takes all the good things about the tried and tested “green egg” style stove and updates it with connectivity and convenience.

Spark Grills has made charcoal grilling easier with their preformed Briqs. These are one-piece charcoal fuel blocks that fit perfectly inside the Spark One and are quickly ignited via an electric igniter to reach temperature. Built-in fans keep the temperature constant for the best possible, predictable cooks of all types of food.

Price: $ 599 (Black Friday price through Cyber ​​Monday) from Spark Grills

The toast master

Revolution Cooking R180

Credit: revolution

The Revolution R180 High Speed ​​Smart Toaster stayed true to its name and cooks toast faster than most. But more than its speed, it deserves praise for its precision: what you see is what you get thanks to a visual doneness selector on the large touchscreen surface. There are also custom modes for bread, bagels, waffles, English muffins, and even toaster pastries, as well as fresh, frozen, and reheated versions of each.

It’s an expensive toaster, but you probably don’t know what toast could be if you haven’t tried the R180’s toast.

Price: $ 240 from Amazon

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