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Home exercise equipment is always a nice Christmas gift choice for anyone who has shown an interest in staying healthy and getting fit, but it’s more topical than ever during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, smart exercise and health gear is smarter than ever, making it perfect for that season’s gift list.

Big machines

Bowflex Velocore bike

Credit: Bowflex

Bowflex The newest exercise bike is a great continuation of the solid C6 and has a unique trick up its sleeve – leaning. The Velocore unlocks to allow lateral inclines during exercise, giving your existing spin exercises good core stabilization.

The Velocore also offers a built-in display in 16- or 22-inch sizes and provides access to Bowflex’s own JRNY video fitness instruction. It’s a great subscription service, but it doesn’t include live classes like Peloton . Fortunately, Bowflex supports Peloton’s software too, so you can use that with the Velocore as well if you prefer.

Price: $ 1,699 (16 “) or $ 2,199 (22”) from Bowflex Direct or Best Buy

Hydrow rower

Credit: Hydrow

Rowers are a great way to get into some indoor cardio, and a nice change from treadmills and bikes that also works your upper body. The Hydrow is the most technologically advanced on the market. It has a large, high quality display that provides access to live and on-demand classes through its virtual service. It’s also designed to really feel like you’re getting the same drag that you would get from actual water.

Price: $ 1,995 (as of publication) from Hydrow direct

Peloton Tread

Credit: Peloton

If you are looking for a treadmill with smart features, Peloton’s is certainly the best option available. The new Tread is the way to go for most as it’s nearly $ 2,000 cheaper than the original that’s now the Tread +, and it still offers a huge display for those interactive and on-demand peloton classes and everything you need for a full body workout too. It won’t retail until March in the US, but makes a good gift if a treadmill is on the list.

Price: From $ 2,495 from Direct peloton

Smart and small

JAXJOX KettlebellConnect 2.0

Credit: JAXJOX

Smart weights come in different shapes and sizes, but the next generation smart kettlebell from JAXJOX is one of the best, most comfortable smart weights around. The selectable weight ranges from 12 to 42 lbs. The intelligent features on board offer real-time reports on performance as well as the ability to sync with the JAXJOX mobile app for on-demand guided workouts.

Price: $ 229 from JAXJOX

Tangram Factory SmartRope rookie

Credit: Tangram factory

If you’ve got even more space, a jump rope is essentially a full-body gym in a tiny, portable package. The Tangram Factory Rookie is a cheaper, smaller, and taller version of its original SmartRope with built-in activity tracking, long-lasting battery, and a fully adjustable rope length that makes it suitable for both children and adults of all sizes.

Price: From $ 39.95 direct from Tangram Factory or the Apple Store

Activity and health monitoring

Withings BPM Core wireless blood pressure monitor

Credit: Withings

The Withings BPM Core is a connected blood pressure monitor that offers numerous extras, including measuring your heartbeat with a digital stethoscope and an EKG (electrocardiogram) function to monitor for potential atrial fibrillation. Withings now builds all of its hardware according to clinical validation standards. This is a surefire way to keep tabs on these important health signals.

Price: $ 250 from Withings (Coming Soon)

Withings Body Cardio

Credit: Withings

Withings is really dealing with home health monitoring devices these days, which is why the Body Cardio Smart Scale is another recommendation on this list. The Body Cardio not only measures weight, it also gives you a breakdown of body composition, giving you an approximate body fat percentage and a body mass index for even more detailed fitness tracking. It also monitors the heart rate.

Price: $ 119.96 (price at release) from Withings

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