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This week two big events took place in parallel: a hardware announcement from Apple and the Y Combinator Demo Day. One of them alone would generally top our traffic for the week – it was…interesting that they crashed into each other on the same day. And maybe a little tiring.

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The Apple stuff: Apple’s event, as is usual with their events, largely dominated the tech news cycle this week. Instead of turning this whole newsletter into one big list of Apple stuff, I’ll just say: new iPhones, new AirPods, and a hefty new Apple Watch. Want more words than that? Here’s our roundup of what’s new.

Y combinator moon shots: Startups are difficult. But every YC batch has at least a handful of companies that seem a little particularly tough – the Moonshots, if you will. From artificial fishing to teams looking to reinvent flying, the Demo Day team has put together some of the wildest pitches.

Musk/Twitter drama continues: Elon Musk is still looking to rescind his multi-billion dollar bid for Twitter, and Twitter still wants to hold him on. This week, a Delaware judge made two decisions in the ordeal: the trial will not be postponed a month, as Musk’s legal team had requested, but Musk may “amend his counterclaim with details” that Twitter security whistleblower Peiter “Mudge.” ‘ were disclosed. Zatko earlier this month.

LG wants you to buy NFTs on your TV: NFT sales have reportedly plummeted in recent months. Will the ability to buy/sell/trade NFTs on LG Smart TVs be the opposite? No, no, it won’t.

Kim Kardashian’s new appearance: “America’s favorite reality star is expanding her repertoire,” writes Anita, with a different job title: private equity investor. Kardashian is teaming up with Jay Sammons, former head of consumer/media/retail at Carlyle Group, to form a new private equity firm called SKKY Partners.

Jeep Electric Vehicles: Another legendary car brand is diving deep into electric vehicles – this time it’s Jeep, which this week revealed plans to launch three different electric vehicles (Recon, Wagoneer S and Avenger) by 2025. The company, notes Jaclyn, expects “EVs to account for half of its sales in North America — and all of its sales in Europe — by 2030.”

Patreon layoffs: Patreon, a company that helps developers build paid membership offerings, laid off employees this week. The layoffs reportedly leave Patreon without much security team, which doesn’t seem ideal?

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Audio Summary

What’s going on in TC podcast land this week? Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn stopped by Found to tell them about her new startup, Chain Reaction’s crypto crew spoke about the latest drama at Binance, and Burnsy took a virtual trip to Minnesota to talk about the startup Shine the spotlight on the Minneapolis scene on . Live.


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